Are You Actually Free? - A Philosophical Musing

Freedom and Responsibility are the same thing. True Order and Morality are linked in this way.

Right now, what we have in our relationship to ourselves and each other is largely a Dark Order, the maintaining of a chaotic state of fear-based repression of Self because the Mind is in an anarchistic state. The belief in the religions called Government, Money, and Authority is strengthened by fear of Chaos, and so we have a negative feedback loop where more fear leads to more control and less personal freedom.

Only the evolution towards individual Sovereignty can carry us out of the mess we've created (called the State) and the indivisible Self, which is what we are talking about here, is inherently uncontrollable by outside forces, which means when we achieve full responsibility for ourselves, the external reflection of our fear of chaos, which we call government (which is simply mind control from the outside) will crumble.

True divine order contains the potential for chaos but it's negated largely by the consistent choosing of right action by beings who are in alignment with the Higher Self (the divine spark that indwells within all beings). Dark Order creates a system of control, which is slavery, which is what true Chaos is, because the only way Chaos is harmful is if fear of it begins to dictate your decisions.

Again, this is the external control that is simply a manifestation of internal fear. Love is synonymous with Creative Freedom in much the same way as fear correlates to externalized control. Love is the recognition of higher potential, Fear is the perception that potentials are limited.

Self Love, Self Respect, and Self Mastery are all emanations of the same force, which is the uplifting force of Creation itself, the Generative principle in the universe that men have called God, and this force is the driver behind all expansion of consciousness, novelty, and harmony. "The State" gets its name from the fact that it attempts to perpetually maintain Dark Order, through controlled chaos and the manipulation of fearful men. As it is a perpetual state, it is in direct opposition to the force of Creation, because the true reality of Creation is never the same from moment to moment.

To return to the notion of Responsibility that we began with, we can see that Self Ownership and Self Defense are critical components for an Individual to be Sovereign. If you are capable of defending yourself and you recognize that no being has Authority, then you can begin acting out of Conscience, which means you are taking the Responsibility to willfully choose Right action. The simple way of putting this is "Do No Harm, Take No Shit." A person in this mindset is truly Sovereign because no outside power decides their behavior, their own Knowledge of Truth (the difference between right and wrong) is what guides them. Beings such as this are inherently creators of Order, because by acting out of what's right for themselves and the beings around them, harmony naturally arises, which is what True Order is (not control).

Do you find what I've said hard to accept? Are you still thinking to yourself, "Who is he to decide what the Truth is?" The answer is, I'm not the one who decides what the Truth is. The Truth is what actually has happened. Natural Law is the human recognition of what has actually happened and projecting that into the perception of what is possible to result from future circumstances. In short, if you still think "there's no such thing as absolute truth" and that "truth is relative from person to person," ask yourself... Is that statement true? The very axiom that "there's no such thing as truth" invalidates itself!


That's what Consciousness does. Are these three aspects of yourself in alignment? Do you Act as you Think, Think as you Feel? If the answer is no, then you are a slave to Ego and Illusion, and this separates you from freedom. This is illusion, though, because regardless of what your Ego tells you, freedom and responsibility cannot be taken away, given away, or lost. But you can ACT like it's been lost, and that's what creates the Fear-driven Dark World Order that we see in our civilization.

The good news is...

All is Love.

Fear is Illusion.

All beings are Free.

Truth can never be destroyed.

I recommend the work of Mark Passio for more elaboration on some of these concepts. Of course, he's not the only teacher of these ideas, but I find his work to clearly resonate Truth.