InnerVerse Podcast Sun & Moon Shirts & New Prints in the Store!

It's official guys, there's an InnerVerse Podcast T-Shirt finally available!

The first of many merchandise items to come, get one of these first edition t-shirts so you can easily identify yourself to fellow wizards and magi while out in a crowd.

These shirts are being manufactured at Designs By Humans, a supplier out of California who are both ethical and conscious with their production methods, and massively supportive of independent artists, You could set your own shop up over there for free!

These sexy new IP shirts come in men's and women's variants with tank tops available, and feature a brand new logo design I recently created, depicting the solar source, the inner Eye of Self, and the phases of the lunar cycle. All in all it's a magical talisman that will help you remain conscious of your intentions to find balance in your life from the inside out.


I've also got some new prints available in the shop, with artwork by yours truly. Support your favorite podcasting artist and decorate your walls with some weird art!