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InnerVerse seeks to inspire our Imagination, Spirit and Will to assist our collective process of Self-discovery and growth.

We all want to know how to be more creative.

InnerVerse is your personal conduit to the part of your Infinite Self that desires to be free, imaginative, and living in harmony with the All.

A verse is a part of a song. It also means "to change, or to turn." By following the unique song within, and blazing our own soul's unique path through Life, we can each learn to change ourselves with intention, love, and Self-respect.

My name is Chance, and it is my mission to bring you weekly conversations with super creative change-makers, artists, musicians, and more. Con means "with, or together," and combined with verse, means to converse is "to change together". So, find an episode that sounds interesting, open your mind-hole, and let's learn and evolve in unison.

SEASON 3 of InnerVerse Podcast

exploring consciousness expansion, motivational philosophy & visionary art