feburary 2019 - artist aid MONEY BOMB


The InnerVerse Podcast family is filled with artists and creators of all flavors. Many of us are at a stage where even a small amount of extra cash could help with taking our craft full time. InnerVerse is in that growth phase right now, and I'm raising this money to help with new equipment needs that will make the show sound better than ever. I’ll also be using these funds to produce stickers and other promo material for the show to get into your hands and decorate your space!

Introducing the Feburary 2019 InnerVerse Artist Aid Money Bomb! How it works is pretty easy! Just by donating, you get an entry to the raffle-style cash prize, which will be half of the total funds raised! In case you are wondering, sites like GoFundMe don’t allow raffles, so I am forced to do this giveaway through my website. You can easily donate with via Paypal using the button below!

- Any amount donated equals one entry.
- For every $5 donated your name goes into the metaphorical hat an extra time.
- You can get an additional chance to win for sharing the contest on Facebook limited to once per week in Feb. You must tag @InnerVerse or Chance Garton with your share on Facebook to get the extra entry.
- Winner Gets 50% of the proceeds from donations in Feburary.
- 2 runner up winners will get an art package from Chance
- Campaign ends on 2/28/2019 and the winner will be announced on the first episode of the podcast following (and of course I'll contact the winner as well)

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