Metaphysical speculations and Spiritual conjecturing form the foundations of a balanced psychic diet.



Season 1 (2015-2016)

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1.7 - What is the Matrix (Chris Abert)

What is the Matrix? No, we aren't going to ramble on about simulation theory or that the universe is a computer program. This is a far-ranging conversation where we go deep into the technical aspects of trying to lead a spiritual life. We examine a lot of mental traps that people (ourselves included) get our energy sapped by, and solutions to those pitfalls are pitched. Oh, and Chris got hit by lightning at a music festival, you'll want to hear that story for sure. *Update - Since this episode was recorded, Chris started his own podcast, DREAM NEXUS. Check it out!*

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Music used in the episode:
Cosmic-inception – Moksha

If you enjoy this type of discussion, both Chris and I have found the Astral Quest podcast to be a massively helpful source of information, as well as it's affiliated website

Episode 10 & 12 - Metaphysical Dumps (Chris Abert)

We speak about the Secret Energy Colon Cleanse Kit that we both used in conjunction with a 9 day fast. It was a powerful experience that I highly recommend and these episodes are very informative about the process.

Plunkie & Volkstroker - Deafening
Ferry Corsten - Everything is Beautiful (Seven Lions Remix)

Saib - Smooth
Kodak to Graph - IAMANTHEM
Psychedeletribe - Nasty (ft. Big K.R.I.T.)

Episode 16 - Pixel-Pusha (Brian Pollet)

Episode 18 - AUMBRA (Angela Bacon)

Episode 19 - Theta Float Spa (Matthew Blystone)