2.9 - Growing Into Knowing ft. Marina Caery (WanderWear)

Marina Caery returns to the show to talk about living the free spirited life of a festival artist and vendor. She also just launched a snazzy new website! Check it out at www.wanderwearshop.com! As usual, she has a lot to say about health and taking charge of one's destiny through self-healing. And we freak out about some real-life conspiracies. Good fun!

Don't forget to go to WanderWearShop.com and use the code "innerverse" at check-out for 12% off! Wanderwear is the first artist sponsor of the podcast, and I'm confident that if you check out her spirit-tech festie-craft, you'll see something that you like.

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Music for this episode:

Kadela - Love Sick (Go listen to Kadela's new EP, "...girl")
Kadela – Love-sick

Andrea O. - The Destiny
Ao1996music – The-destiny

Betafuture - Sonder
Betafuture – Sonder

CHAD KA-CHOW - Vaporwave (Fresh from planet Lusidelia)
Lusidelia – Vaporwave