2.14 - Activating Originality ft. Brian Pollet (Pixel-Pusha | Digital Artist)

Brian is a friend I made last year at the Untz festival in California. He's been on the show once before, back in episode 1.16. Although we are roughly the same age, I really admire Brian's art and psychedelic courage and look up to him as an aspiring artist myself. He has been to psycho-nautical depths that would make most men shake in fear. Or at least it seems that way, by looking at his art, which ranges from the whimsical, colorful, Neo-Mucha divine feminine to things that remind me of Alien meets C'thulu.

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Find Brian's pretty pictures here:

Thank you to the musical guests in this episode!

Wolf-Tech: Mystix
Wolf-tech – 03-mystix

Kalpataru Tree: Scrape the Imagination
Kalpataru-tree – Scrape-the-imagination

Betafuture: The Portal
Betafuture – Theportal

ILLIRIA DnB: Wormholes
Illiria-dnb – Wormholes

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