2.22 - Dream Evolution ft. Chris Abert (Host of Dream Nexus Podcast)

Chris is the host of the brand new Dream Nexus podcast. His past InnerVerse appearances have been enlightening and popular with listeners. As usual, we discuss the deprogramming process and the methods we are currently exploring for consciousness expansion, particularly the resurrection of one's inner child and connection to Source.

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+ Chris' new show Dream Nexus Podcast - goo.gl/fBSgEv
+ Past InnerVerse episodes featuring Chris
+ Dream interpretation and how dreams influence life
+ Keymaker Series by Seven Bomar - goo.gl/L2NbcH
+ Secret Teachings of All the Ages by Manly P. Hall - PDF LINK - goo.gl/IU9Sck
+ The End of All Evil by Jeremy Locke - PDF LINK - goo.gl/I9P5dg
+ How To: The Podcaster Hustle
+ Growing food and turning it to income - Chris' company Uni-Phi Farms - goo.gl/yyw2Ma
+ Eating from your own garden: Self-Knowledge & Responsibility
+ Food as information: fear foods vs. love foods
+ LionHeart Wellness Center - www.lionhearthealingcenter.com/
+ Shifting to a sustainable life path
+ Psychedelic meditation experiences
+ Connecting to the inner child and healing it
+ The importance of calling a friend sometimes!

Music in this episode:
Soohan: goo.gl/Kt142W
Foni Al Foniya: goo.gl/jYasTw
Betafuture: goo.gl/YNdKHX

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