3.16 - Information Overload with James Corbett


James Corbett is a voice for independent journalism and truth-based internet media who hosts a website and Youtube channel called The Corbett Report. Join us for a conversation about our experiences with seeking and sharing the deeper truths that are required for humanity to realize... if we're going to survive on this planet together for much longer, that is. It's a high energy interview where we touch only many different topics, especially conspiracy facts and the truth-seeker's crusade to wake up the sheeple!

Audio Version:

Episode Topics & Links:

  • https://www.corbettreport.com

  • James' background in writing and literature studies

  • The immeasurable power of the average person's ability to access and share information

  • Information overload: the truth obscured within the noise

  • Waking up to the backwards nature of the consensus narrative of reality through discovering the truth about 9/11

  • Corbett Video: 9/11 - A Conspiracy Theory

  • Corbett Documentary: How Big Oil Conquered the World

  • The drive to dig to the bottom of things instead of accepting a dumbed down version of events

  • Corbett Interview: Bill Pepper - The Plot to Kill King (MLK Government Assassination Conspiracy)

  • Strategies for the best way to share controversial information (aka conspiracy facts)

  • Having epistemological humility

  • Corbett Documentary: History of Enslavement - The Federal Reserve

  • How research and writing translates to being able to learn many skills

  • James attempts to answer the question of life, the universe, and everything

  • Steering the cosmos away from psychopathic materialism

  • The power to change our selves and the world lies in truly caring about the outcome

  • Decentralization as a major solution to our problems as a global society








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