3.21 - Fearless Imagination with SatoriD

Daniel De La Rosa, known online as SatoriD, joins InnerVerse for a conversation about creativity, self discovery, the origins of human consciousness, and the inextinguishable love that exists within all darkness. We speak about his poetry and other creative efforts and about our growing creator communities on Minds.com that we'd love to have you join. It's a classic episode of InnerVerse that you won't want to miss!

Part 2 of our convo on Infinite Imaginarium

Episode Topics & Links:

  • SatoriD reads his poem "Whispers of Reality"
  • Consciously responding to negative feedback about personal creations
  • Respecting passionate creative effort from others
  • Open minded spirituality and non-judgement
  • SatoriD quotes Ginsberg
  • Why you should join us on Minds (because free speech dude)
  • SatoriD's history on Minds
  • "Finding the others" who are your flavor of weird as prescribed by Terrance McKenna
  • Creativity as the cure for corrupt culture
  • Adam Millward Art on Minds.com
  • SatoriD explains his intentions behind the Infinite Imaginarium: inspiring you to make your own novelty
  • Following your own creative path back to source--all paths lead to the center
  • Book recommendation: "Inner Paths to Outer Truths"
  • Speculations on the origin of consciousness and realizing the unity of all Life
  • Empowerment through Seeing the light within all forms of darkness
  • Deleting "Unconscious tape loops" in the mind-hard-drive with writing
  • Esoteric speculations on ancient human consciousness as compared to modern
  • Spiritual beings impacting human development through history
  • The ego as a tool or instrument as opposed to identity
  • "Felt experience" vs. intellectual observation-being like a cell inside of the living earth (magic mushrooms help)
  • Heroic doses of mushrooms and communing with a bush
  • A Brief History of the Study of Consciousness by Stuart Hameroff
  • The hum or buzz one hears when in altered states of consciousness
  • Humans as cosmic bees harvesting golden honey for alien god overlords. Yup I went there.
  • Ayahuasca visions of cosmic tricksters
  • Who's the one who makes the grass green? You! Perception creates the experience of reality.
  • Opening the heart and exiting duality by simple acts of helpfulness to others

Music in this episode is by KADELA, from his new EP "Sleepwalker."