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116 - Ura Soul | Getting Real With Healing

Get real with your emotions, or they'll get real with you...

Ura Soul returns for a third InnerVerse chat to help us create mass-christ consciousness this Christmas. with helpful knowledge for healing, balancing & evolving.

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4.7 - "Peace, Love & Animals" with Greg Cipes (Voice of Beast Boy from Teen Titans)

Greg Cipes loves everybody, regardless of what species they may be. An extremely creative individual, Greg has worked on cartoons, movies, TV shows, and he's performed as a professional surfer and musician. With his presence in any type of media, Greg brings a high-energy and loving perspective, and this podcast is no exception.

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4.1 - Anarcho-Veganism with Kenny Palurintano

Season 4 of IP kicks off with a conversation about the convergence between veganism and anarchy. Kenny Palurintano is a traveling teacher who helps communities to integrate solutions to society's problems, especially in the kitchen. Don't miss this consciousness expanding episode!

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