4.11 - Bartelfish & Backwoods with Bryce Bohnert

Bryce Bohnert is the creator of Bartelfish, an artist collective based out of Springfield, MO that he takes on tour to music festivals around the midwest, slinging his art and others to the masses with the intention of inspiring others to find their own spark of creativity within. Join us for a bit of talk about the upcoming Backwoods festival on Mulberry Mountain, a deep look at psychedelic use in the festival subculture, and a discussion on overcoming psychosis on one's spiritual journey. It was a fascinating hangout with a great friend, and we both hope to see you out on the mountain for Backwoods 2018.


  • Backwoods Festival 2018
  • Bryce's mission to empower artists with Bartelfish
  • How art is a bridge to the higher self for both creator and viewer
  • Marcel Duchamp - Creative Act
  • Why you want to go to Backwoods Festival on 4/19-4/22
  • The festival's efforts to prevent trash and respect the mountain
  • The magic of the starry eyed festival first timer
  • Thoughts on why you don't have to get high to have fun
  • Respecting the earth as a steward instead of just a resource consumer
  • The psychedelic origins of Bartelfish
  • Bryce's personal experiences with personal shamanism and how it helped him discover his own native ancestry


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Music in this episode - Kadela