110 - Deni Van: Heartfelt Awakenings & The Spiritual Physics of Inner Space

Inner Space is a Vital Nutrient…


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Deni Van is a healer and mentor who helps people find heartfelt awakenings and expand their own inner space. The result is less stress, more peace, and an invigorated attitude about intentional attention. Spirituality isn't mystical, it's physics!

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Episode Topics:

  • Deni's story of beating cancer and past of working with the deaf and communications

  • The benefit of strengthening the mind and body connection with yoga

  • Using simple techniques to unblock our suppressed energy, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • "Inner Space is a vital nutrient!" a deep discussion about meditation

  • Who is the you that thinks about yourself apart from yourself?

  • Matt Presti on InnerVerse - Walter Russell and the Secret of Light - Episode Link 

  • Using free will to be empowered by our past traumas instead of victimized by them

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  • How to cure NPS - Need to Please Syndrome

  • Changing yourself instead of trying to fix others

  • Money as an energy flow and shifting perspectives away from its negative associations 

  • Pythagoras, Music and the quadrivium of classical self knowledge

  • Analyzing the Chakra system and Maslow's hierarchy of needs to find fulfillment in life

  • Harnessing your own power of belief for healing, the self-initiated placebo effect

  • A discussion on Energy Healing (Reiki) that could teach you to do it yourself

Episode Music: ATYYA