4.17 - Lighting of the Moon with Chris Abert

Chris Abert returns to the show to talk about Lighting of the Moon, an upcoming festival in Ava, Missouri. This event is being held to raise funds for the development of a permaculture food village, and it's got some very attractive music and art to offer for attendees. We speak about the necessity of creating solutions to the toxic lifestyles that Western civilizations are looping through and how to bring the spirits and wisdom of ancestors back to our modern lives. 

Find Chris Abert's podcast Dream Nexus on Soundcloud and Youtube.

Episode Topics:

Lighting of the Moon spawning out of Darkening of the Sun

⦁ Jamie Seed Eclipse Photo and Prints

⦁ What is Cloud Busting? - READ MORE 

⦁ Merging the permaculture lifestyle with festival magic

⦁ Building the bridge back to nature

⦁ using cryptocurrency to tap into abundance 

⦁ the story behind Chris' awesome chest tattoo

Music in this episode - FLINTWICK 

Next up on InnerVerse is Michael Garfield! I'm quite excited to be having him on the show, check out his podcast Future Fossils for conversations fusing futuristic possibilities and and ancient ancestor wisdom.