101 - Law of Attraction and Coming Out of the Psychic Closet with Renee Johanna


Renee Johanna is psychic-intuitive life coach and author of Welcome to Awakening: How To Be Free In The Human Experience. Join us for a laughter and fun filled chat as we learn how attract more love into our lives and explore the idea that our lives are, in fact, infinite.


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  • How writing her book also helped Renee to take her own advice
  • Psychic sensitivity and how rejecting it causes pain and trouble
  • Life as we know it is actually an underworld journey
  • Coming out of the psychic closet
  • "You never "get away" with anything, YOU always know what you're doing"
  • How relationships and partnerships mirror your self back to you and how to engage that as a compass for personal evolution
  • Forging a stronger self by surviving life's trials, and how we decide everything that happens to us on one level or more
  • Strategies for reversing gossip and stopping shit-talking
  • Life after awakening - exploring the unknown/unconscious/infinite 
  • How our destructive relationship with nature creates inner pollution and evil
  • Commerce compared to war as a fractal microcosm
  • Why we should not fear death at all
  • Personalized meditation will help you connect to your own power


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  • Looking at life as a dream
  • "Keep it simple and laugh as much as possible."
  • "True Freedom is when you know your own power, and then you can create the life that makes sense to you."
  • Afterlife communication and how Renee's dad helped her son get over drug addiction, after her dad had been dead for a few years. 
  • The ability humans have to heal one another with loving and positive intentions even from a distance
  • Renee tells her story of a supposedly permanent injury and how it was healed by a sychronicity with a stranger
  • Renee once met a mysterious native American medicine man who pulls poisonous pain out of people's psyches with Reiki
  • Shedding layers to find to the authentic self and discovering new abilities just by having fun and following curiosity
  • More explanation of differences between attachment based love and authentic soul love
  • Thoughts on UFO's and so called extra terrestrials and their possible link to higher dimensional intelligence and childhood abduction stories
  • Embracing the unknown and your own wonderful weirdness