Levald Thomas | If I Only Knew 2 Detox And Cleanse For Life


Clean Your Guts And Save Your Butt

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Have you ever seen what happens when you leave fast food out for several months? Now imagine that all the bad food you ever ate was still inside you somewhere, in it's original form! If you haven't detoxed, your body is begging for a cleanup!

Levald Thomas hosts the Youtube channel If I Only Knew 2, where he creates content about his experiences with a variety of cleansing and detox strategies. Tune in for an inspired chat on health, adventure, and spirituality.



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  • Levald’s mission: Health, adventure & spirituality – all one in the same pursuit

  • “Detoxing is as important as what you put in your body, because it doesn’t matter what you put in if your body is already flooded with toxins.”

  • Why he started his channel and the importance of sharing knowledge with your tribe

  • The connection with fasting and accessing spiritual energy

  • Seeing the mirror between our internal state and our external experiences

  • Getting out of a negative tailspin and back into the flow of synchronicity

  • The value of sharing your personal lessons

  • The case for drinking distilled water and disinfo about it

  • Flushing inorganic minerals that calcify the body

  • Aquarius The Water Bearer – website link

  • Where to start with cleansing – the Colon

  • Global Healing Center 6 Day Colon Cleanse Kit

  • Liver and Gallbladder cleansing benefits

  • Taking full responsibility for your health instead of putting it all in the hands of industry “experts”

  • How cleansing can make dietary transitions easier and more digestible

  • Enlightening through shedding weight and changing your intake

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  • Getting faster at repairing the body-space-ship after an energetic crash

  • 6 month cleanses and how making media about our journey helps us follow through

  • Why it matters to connect others to healing knowledge

  • Getting scientific about your body’s nutrient balance

  • Levald’s experience temporarily eating meat after decades of vegetarianism

  • Recommendations on powerful supplements: Lypo-spheric Vitamin C, Shilajit

  • Levald shares about the wonders of Dr. Schulze’s Superfood Plus

  • Supplement Stories about recovering from extreme physical exertion

  • Magnesium and its extensive goodness for the body

  • Staying healthy and being fanatical about your own health and not just an dieteology

  • How Levald sets up his positive relationship with money


  • Detoxing is as important as what you put in your body, because it doesn’t matter what you put in if your body is already flooded with toxins.

  • If you’re being inundated with toxins all day, every day, it is MANDATORY to detox. And it’s not just physical detoxing, it’s mental and emotional detoxing as well.