Izzy Ivy | Beyond Lemuria: Transcendental Art and Bridging Between Worlds


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The friend to the fairies and painter of pixies, Izzy Ivy, joins us to talk about visionary art, oracle decks, opening to the spirit world, and much more. Izzy creates transcendental oil paintings depicting mystical beings and cosmic harmony. She also creates original clothing with a psychedelic elvish twist. She can be found traveling the world, visiting sacred sites and live painting at festivals. Join us for a conversation that demonstrates a variety of ways to stay in the flow state of perpetual synchronicity.

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  • Izzy’s progress over 6 short years of being a painter

  • Why modern/post-modern conceptual art doesn’t feel fun

  • Art covered amulet bikinis and Elvish steampunk wedding dresses

  • Inducing trance to get your mind out of the way and into the flow state

  • Beyond Lemuria, the second oracle deck Izzy has created - LINK

  • Bridging between beings in the spirit world and the physical dimensions

  • Following the whispers within and traveling the world

  • The galactic central sun and our inner central sun

  • Deciphering light code downloads

  • Izzy’s thoughts on energy healing and Reiki

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  • The importance of energetic/astral hygiene

  • Fusing multiple tools, healing modalities, and rituals to make Reiki more effective

  • Defining the physical and spiritual aspects of shadow work and why they’re integral to self realization

  • Mindfully taking our power back from triggers

  • Crystal experiences and the power of Moldavite

  • The feeling of festival live-painting and Izzy’s advice for doing it

  • Growing through a bout of dengue fever and staying in the perpetual flow of synchronicity


  • “Just start with the background, get some color down on the canvas, and get rid of that blank canvas notion. The act of doing that will start preparing you for what’s going to actually come through in your painting.”

  • “Keep doing what you love, and then you’ll be able to keep doing what you love.”

  • “The things that we struggle with are often the things we came here to do, because it gives us the opportunity to do the most homework for it, so we have great compassion when we share it with others.”



Intro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders