Ura Soul | Whistleblowers Part 2: UFOs & Hidden Technologies


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Ura Soul returns to the show to discuss UFO secrets and potential non-human interventions in world affairs. In this chat we highlight stories from military sources that suggest there are advanced beings and technology present in our world. Drawing on Ura's own personal contact experiences with possible ETs, we speculate on the nature and meaning of many bizarre stories. 


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"If you embed an idea into the collective consciousness sufficiently, then you effectively lend psychic energy to that event manifesting. The creative psychic ability of the population gets used to tune in to a certain frequency, to make that thing more likely to happen, without them even knowing." - Ura Soul



  • Admiral Wilson and “The UFO Leak of the Century” – LINK

  • What’s going on at Area 51? - LINK

  • Nazis and advanced anti-gravity & weapons technologies

  • MK Ultra and Manchurian Supersoldiers

  • Deep Underground Military Bases and Phil Schneider’s story about battling aliens -LINK

  • Larry Warren and the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident – LINK

  • David Wilcock’s resignation from Gaia TV over allegations of Luceferian agendas – LINK

  • Ura tells his personal stories about UFO sightings & contact with non-human consciousness


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  • Psychological warfare, mind control, Satanism in the state, and Michael Aquino -LINK

  • Back To The Future and 9/11 predictions in mass media - LINK

  • Multiverse theories through the lens of unity consciousness

  • The mysterious off-world Council of 9, supposedly guiding but possibly manipulating humanity

  • Speculations on the pros and cons of channeling

  • Human trafficking and sexual abuse of minors among the rich and powerful

  • How and why cults practice energy harvesting rituals on the innocent

  • Update on the class action lawsuit against Facebook and Google for restricting cryptocurrency ads