I started this podcast because I wanted to figure out how to be a successful artist.

A lot of us look at our jobs and wonder, is this what I really want to be spending the majority of my time doing? Is this really what the world needs me to be doing?

you are the source

I realized that creative ability hinges on health and energetic balance in life.

Who am i?

Chance is the absence of principle.

Chance therefore does not exist, because all effects have a cause.

I'm just a dude who likes to talk too much.

Spiritual and self-improvement focused podcasts have been a major catalyst for my own escape from the Matrix.

"Inner Truth" - 2016

Sometimes I have time for epic doodle sessions.

A great spiritual truth is that energy flows where attention is directed.

Wondering how to be a good person is a good first step towards your higher self.

"Omni-Directional Expansion" 2016

"Resolution to Evolution" 2016

Creativity is better with collaborators.

Contact me if you want to give feedback, say hello, or suggest a guest for the show. I would love to hear from you! I'm thrilled that you're joining the conversation about positively changing our reality through a collective act of conscious will.

Imagination is your sixth sense.

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