2.16 - Stimulation Theory ft. Jaz |Wire Wrap Artist @jazwraps|


Jaz is an incredible wire wrap artist, super fun weirdo, and all around genius regarding flow states. If you've ever wanted a unique and powerful piece of custom, hand-made jewelry, JazWraps are your best bet. I have two pieces he's made and the value they've brought to my life FAR exceeds the monetary cost. Jaz is a fantastic friend and I look forward to his next visit. There's a part 2 of this conversation available on Patreon, so if you want more, go there and check it out! If you are not subscribed, you can get access to the bonus part 2 episode with Jaz by pledging as little as $1. And you're helping me make the show better by contributing!

Go to www.jazwraps.com to feast your eyes on Jaz's beautiful work.

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All the music in this episode was provided by SOOHAN.
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