2.17 - Movement Medicine ft. Anthony Pang |Manual Therapist & Acupuncturist|

Anthony Pang is a healer who helps others by staying in harmony with the Self. We talk about our practices regarding bodily energy and movement, and many other healing and consciousness expanding modalities.


-Chinese Medicine & Spirituality
-Qi Gong
-What is Tantra?
-Lectures from Gnostic Teachings
-Connecting Heaven and Earth energy
-Control of Sexual Energy and retention of essence
-Remembering skills and practices through lifetimes
-ecstatic dance and kung fu
-magical festival syncronicities from Envision
-Dancing with a locust who is being psychically controlled by your dreaming wife who is thousands of miles away (seriously)
-Dream theories
-Scientific materialism vs. healing modalities
-Will we ever make total sense of the universe?
-The liver has a spiritual energy body?
-Food as medicine and energy hygiene
-Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris
www.longwhitecloudqigong.com - Learn your own daily practice

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Music in this episode:
LowLight - Lowlight-2 – Searching
Rob Gasser - Robgassermusic – Ricochet