2.18 - Love is the Anti-Cancer ft. Nathan Crabtree

Nathan Crabtree is a new friend of mine who has exposed me to a literal infinity of new sources of information, especially regarding human freedom, and the (not-so) hidden laws of the cosmos. A far reaching conversation that is destined to be the first of many.

Things we talked about:

+ Taking Crazy Awesome Supplements
+ What are Adaptagens?
+ Don't play Skyrim on Adderall
+ Testing drugs on rats and why it's not cool
+ How the Dark Occult poisons our collective information field
+ www.WhatOnEarthIsHappening.com - Mark Passio
+ Natural Law and living by it
+ How to introduce friends into expanding their minds with podcasts
+ Things we think Donald Trump should do
+ Doing the Great Work of self mastery
+ Finding Earth Prime
+ Fighting cancer in your astral body with the aid of Peyote
+ Plant medicines such as cannabis
+ Trivium method of forming a world view
+ Operation Jade Helm
+ Seven Bomar - www.secretenergy.com
+ Nathan's Freedom Zone (Nathan's new Podcast)
+ David Icke's Dream Message
+ Communicating through the imagination
+ Everything is a hologram

Follow Nathan on Soundcloud  for guitar jams and great podcasts!

Follow Nathan on Soundcloud for guitar jams and great podcasts!

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Music in this episode is provided by Moon Frog.
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