2.19 - The Measured & the Mystical ft. Daniele Bolelli |Podcast Host|



A great hero of many podcast listeners, Daniele Bolelli has earned a reputation for wisdom and properly harnessed masculine energy. He's a spiritually real but scientifically grounded dude, and I've always loved hearing him on his shows and other's, and it was my great pleasure to speak with Daniele, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


  • Daniele’s Podcasts: History on Fire & Drunken Taoist
  • The Art of Being Busy as Fuck
  • Self-Building Disciplines – Martial Arts & Meditation
  • Daniele’s lifetime friendship with the Native North American Tribes
  • Reincarnation Speculation
  • Dealing in Knowing instead of Believing
  • Keeping an open mind to the mystical and unmeasurable
  • Daniele’s kid daughter Isabela’s shamanistic dream adventures
  • The Spanish Invasion of Mexico
  • “War God” historical fiction novel by Graham Hancock
  • Alex Jones: Hero or Fake? Decide for yourself!
  • Dan Carlin: Hardcore History & Common Sense podcasts
  • The death of mainstream information and rise of mainstream manipulation
  • Jordan Peterson and the non-importance of so called Social Justice Warriors
  • The bullshit illusion of polarization between the Right and Left
  • Environmental destruction and our poisonous civilization 
  • Distraction culture vs. Creative Expression
  • Future Ancestors: sustainability & science synthesized
  • Eco Villages & next-gen social media - Nu Mundo
  • Walking the middle path between shit and shit
  • Daniele’s website: www.danielebolelli.com
  • Savannah Em Daniele's badass girlfriend who's a fighter-artist-coolperson.

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Daniele Bolelli's original podcast, The Drunken Taoist, is a fun variety show featuring Daniele's personal thoughts and guest appearances. I've loved it for years!


Daniele's newer show is History On Fire. Here you'll be told epic tales from history where typically the good guys and bad guys are hard to distinguish. It's one of my personal "can't miss no matter what" podcasts.

Several amazing tracks from John Yentes were featured in this episode.

Make sure to check out his music!