3.1 - The Divine Blueprint (Krystleyez - Visionary Artist)

I'm incredibly excited to present this episode with Krystle Smith, known in the visionary art world as Krystleyez. I highly recommend you watch the YouTube version of this episode, so you can see some examples of her incredible work. I'm kicking off Season 3 with this episode because it's the epitome of what I like to do on InnerVerse. We talk metaphysics, sacred geometry, the nature of the divine and consciousness, and music festivals. Krystle is a heart centered person, who is totally connected to her own spirit of genius. We are lucky to have individuals like this pointing the way towards the unity of all things through their beautiful expressions. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did.




Here are just a few of Krystle's wonderful paintings...

Episode Topics

  • Planting trees on Arbor Day
  • Fusing the energies of the Yin and the Yang
  • Creativity as a way of life
  • Awakening the imagination through transformational festivals
  • Krystle's live painting career at magical musical events
  • Electric Forest and Rootwire Festivals
  • Befriending caterpillars, moths, and an albino tarantula
  • Seeing the unity in all life
  • Discovering Sacred Geometry ( MORE INFO ON KRYSTLE'S WEBSITE)
  • Archetype, shape, and the code of reality

Get rewards for supporting us at https:///www.patreon.com/innerverse

Get rewards for supporting us at https:///www.patreon.com/innerverse

Interested in the Hermetic Philosophy that I talked about in the Intro? This audiobook is a great resource for diving into positive occult philosophy.