3.2 - The Tooth Solution ft. Amy Savvenas (Opabar Inventor)

Amy is a model human being. She expresses a harmonious balance between the physical, mental, and spiritual strengths that are within all of us. I wanted to speak with her because she has invented products that have changed my life for the better with her company, Opabox. In this episode, join Haley (my wife and co-host!) Amy, and myself as we explore the rabbit hole that is your mouth, and effective solutions to improving one's health, both orally and beyond. It's a fun and imformative conversation, especially regarding the chakra system in our bodies, which I explain in significant detail at the beginning of the show. For anyone who hasn't studied the chakra systems, you can learn about them here!


 "I want to see who I can help. That's really what Opa was created for!"

-Amy Savvenas

Check out www.opabox.com and use coupon code "Opa" for a 10% discount!


Haley made this fun commercial for Opabox, I recommend watching if you are curious about how tooth soap works!

Just what the heck are chakras? Here's a chart that can help!

Just what the heck are chakras? Here's a chart that can help!


Episode Topics:

  • How and why Opabars were invented
  • Wildcrafted ingredients explained
  • Chance's healing experience with Opabars
    • They reduce cold sensitivity and gum deterioration!
  • Why toothpaste is inferior to tooth soap
  • Flouride and the WW2 pharma-nazi connection
  • Opa flavors, colors and chakra healing
  • Tumeric: the super medicine!
  • "Oil Pulling" to detoxify the mouth and body
  • Getting past ignorance and doing the right thing
  • Why Opabars are great for travel and the environment
  • Combating the sad reality of younger (and older) people needing denchures
  • Amy's physical/spiritual journey to truth (and healthy eating)
  • The insanity of using PASTE to clean something, especially teeth!
  • Definition of Opa! (it means hooray!)
  • Potential secondary medicinal benefits of Opabars and the positive domino effect on health
  • Opabox's worldwide reach!
  • Looking at the possibilities of truth instead of the limitations of lies
  • 3rd eye, flouride, and the opening of the pineal gland
  • Changing nueral pathways and creating new, good habits
  • The Declaration of Energy Independence (read at the end of the episode)