3.29 - Evolving With Conscious Intent ft. Ura Soul (ureka.org)

Episode Topics:

  • Steemit.com - Anarcho-capatalist, cryptocurrency backed social media

  • Compassionate Anarchy and solutions to the brutal game of social monopoly known as commerce

  • Overcoming fear and realizing the infinite value of the individual

  • Evolution as a personal act of will instead of a product of random external forces

  • Debunking the myth that giving up meat will make your brain weak

  • Artificial Intelligence and the suppression of the divine feminine

  • And tons more in the Plus+ Extension!

The being known in this dimension as Ura Soul has returned to InnerVerse for a conversation about how we direct our own evolution in positive directions. By living from the perspective of the heart, we can ditch the programming and start consciously steering our experiences towards what we intend for the greatest good. Plenty of discussion on crypto-currency, removing cruelty from our behavior patterns, and the ups and downs of Steemit and other new social media options, this episode is sure to be great.



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Plus+ Extension Topics:

  • Meditation as the tool for overcoming the illusion of time, and many thoughts on techniques and effects.

  • "Green language" integrative understanding of words by their parts

  • Speculations on the origins of imbalance in universal and human consciousnesses

  • Reflecting on the notion that instead of being drops in an ocean of Life, that we are the entire ocean embodied

Music In This Episode: Imagika Om