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3.29 - Evolving With Conscious Intent ft. Ura Soul (

The being known in this dimension as Ura Soul has returned to InnerVerse for a conversation about how we direct our own evolution in positive directions. By living from the perspective of the heart, we can...

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3.25 - The Stars Are Within Us ft. Amma Li Grace

Amma Li Grace is one half of the mystical musical duo known as Entheo. She is also a teacher of astrology and the Gene Keys system of correspondences through her videos online. In this conversation from 11/11/17, we speak about ditching comfort and diving in to the darkest parts of ourselves to find the fuel we need to burn away and reveal our higher self potentials.

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3.24 - Sailing The Sea of Information with Japhy (#WPRPN)

Japhy is a podcasting pirate who scours the high digital seas to help bring wealth to those who are in need, but not in a stealing way. In this episode we speak about his process and the backstory of his World Pirate Radio Podcast Network. (, the secrets of Operation Secret Santa, and some of Japhy's spiritual side as well.

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