3.25 - The Stars Are Within Us ft. Amma Li Grace



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Amma Li Grace is one half of the mystical musical duo known as Entheo. She is also a teacher of astrology and the Gene Keys system of correspondences through her videos online. In this conversation from 11/11/17, we speak about ditching comfort and diving in to the darkest parts of ourselves to find the fuel we need to burn away and reveal our higher self potentials.

Episode Topics & Links:

  •  Correspondence between life patterns and astronomical movements

  •  Gaining spiritual context for physical life through holographic representation in the stars

  •  The power of enhanced awareness to direct personal spiritual and life evolution

  •  Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable

  •  Enlightenment as a shadow destroying process; quitting that which is harmful is more important than any other action

  •  "Cleaning Up the Space Between Us" Amma Li Grace

  •  11/11 11:11 intention prayer to transform interFEARance into coHEARance

  •  Amma's Transmission Art Community called OneDoorLand

  •  Transmission from source consciousness = Transmission Art

  •  "The Memory Code" Ancient memory technology at sacred sites -

  •  Book Link - The Memory Code

  •  Book Link - "Gene Keys"

  •  "Terma" (Buddhist Concept) - various forms of hidden teachings

  •  Gene Keys connection to the I Ching explained

  •  Specific traits of people based on their exact day of birth

  •  The Sabien Symbols (zodiac)

  •  Archtypical Acupuncture - using laser sharp language to reflect the human psyche

  •  DNA frequency and Gene Keys and mystical spirit science

  •  Improvised music as a method of self realization

  •  Theo and Amma's music: ENTHEO

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Plus+ Extension Topics:

  • More ideas about interference and coherence

  • Entheo's history and current direction

  • Universal Axiom: Greater Moral Wisdom = Greater Creative Freedom

  • Renouncing authority culture and the celebrity of the artist

  • Learning not to judge yourself harshly in comparison to the accomplishments of others

  • Gene Keys: The Golden Path Sequence

  • Remembering your childhood trauma and the "sacred wound" to reintegrate fractured parts of Self

Music This Episode is by Entheo