103 - Desiree Fultz: The Gathering Mountain, Psychic Insights & Sidereal Astrology

Psychic entertainer, artist & professional astrologer Desiree Fultz joins us for a conversation about magic, divination, and an upcoming event for mages of all persuasions called "The Gathering Mountain" near Eureka Springs, Arkansas this September.

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Psychic Insights Astrology 

Join us at this upcoming event in Eureka Springs, AR on September 14th thru 16th!

The Gathering Mountain: Festival of Magic & Lore

  • Traits of the planet Uranus
  • Desiree's personal birth chart reflects interest in astrology
  • The difference between tropical and sidereal (Vedic) astrology
  • Studying the occult and accepting an honest knowledge of ourselves
  • The intuitive nature of divination arts
  • The mythological story of Chiron and its astrological significance
  • Tools for tapping your free flowing creativity
  • Divination as a modality for inward focus
  • How astrology is like having a GPS map for life that gives you traffic updates
  • Discovering your abundant personal resources through astrology and appreciating the less tangible types of wealth we possess
  • Upcoming Magic Festival discussed - The Gathering Mountain
  • How magic works in different ways for everyone


Plus+ Extension (Subscribe)

In this episode extension Desiree accurately describes Chance's personality and life via her analysis of astrological charts. It's also a great primer on the mechanics of sidereal astrology for anyone interested in learning.

Episode Music: Council of One