4.9 - The Mandala Message with Morgan Manley


Rainbow Serpent Festival 2018

⦁ The beautiful by-products of creating your own path

⦁ The selfless synergy between visionary creators

Big Threyda collaboration Morgan recently worked on

⦁ Morgan's take on symbolic literacy and archetypal reality

⦁ The "Portal" series with Morgan's frequent collaborator Randall Roberts

⦁ The mystical power of art that's created with an excessive amount of attention to intention

⦁ Morgan describes the Ayahuasca experience

⦁ How communities collectively create what individuals are consciously experiencing and how different beliefs could literally change reality

⦁ How studying philosophy and art influenced Morgan's life direction

⦁ The fractality of the universe and the infinite dimensions of zooming in or out of the micro and macrocosms

⦁ Speculations on the simulation theory of the universe

⦁ The artist as decider of their own value systems

⦁ Morgan describes the goddesses that inspired her recent painting, "Trinity,"

⦁ The mythos of the muse and her requirement that you show some discipline

⦁ The dual nature of the archetypal goddess as both creator and destroyer

⦁ A visit from Morgan's cat Moo Moo

Morgan Mandala is a mindful master of the imagination who merges the world of spirit with matter in her magical artwork. As a painter, Morgan travels the world to perform her art on stage during live music events at some of the coolest transformational festivals on Earth. Join us for a conversation about symbols, spirit, and sychronicity. You might just take away some inspiration for your own creative journey!

Check out Morgan's visionary art: https://www.morganmandala.com/

Music in this episode:

Kalpataru Tree

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⦁ The equality conspiracy and celebrating differences

⦁ How art teaches us that freedom and personal responsibility are connected

⦁ Coming together to imagine solutions to society's ills with transformational festivals

⦁ Morgan talks about what it's like to live paint on huge stages and create installations at festivals like Electric Forest 

⦁ How the visionary artist serves as a neo-shamanic guide to those going through the early adulthood festival psychedelic rites of passage

⦁ How creative expression inspires the genius in others

⦁ Working through mental, physical or emotional stagnancy to make flow states easier to attain

⦁ Using nature and mindfulness practices to ground and discharge negative thoughts

⦁ The artist as a messenger between the platonic realm of idea and the human universe of matter

⦁ Finding beauty in the mundane by slowing down and paying attention to the moment

⦁ Morgan's adventures in the Amazon, Cambodia, and many other places around the world and synchronicity stories

⦁ How talking about and paying attention to synchronicities increases their occurrence

⦁ The mystery of memory and the doppelganger effect the traveler experiences