4.10 - Art & Enlightenment with Chris Dyer (Psychedelic Painter)

Chris Dyer is a visionary painter, skateboarder, psychedelic adventurer & art teacher who travels the globe hosting workshops, exploring sacred sites, and live-painting at festivals and other events. We got some time to chat while he was taking a break from his marathon journeys and kicking it at home with some friends. We talked about developing into a professional artist, how Jesus stopped Chris from getting enlightenment but saved his art career, and this conversation was totally good vibes all around!

Episode Topics

  • Chris talks about avoiding the Canadian winter by doing workshops and painting at festivals around the globe
  • How experience in a creative discipline gives you the power to practically autopilot through certain steps
  • Turning Positive Creations into a corporation to get legal status to work in the united states
  • Overcoming resistance in all its forms on the artist's journey
  • The differences in cultural situation Chris faced growing up in Peru compared to living in Canada
  • Transitioning from starving artist to world-renowned celebrity
  • Chris talks about consciousness and being grateful for life, illusions and all
  • The story of how Jesus saved Chris' art career by keeping him from getting enlightened
  • The universe behind a pair of eyes
  • Qi Gong is really good for you - learn some with online videos!
  • Rape - tobacco snuff as a tool for spiritual connected-ness
  • Kambo medicine - frog slime based detox
  • What Chris has learned from Ayahuasca
  • Speculations on advanced ancient cultures
  • A weird horse sculpture Chris was commissioned to paint
  • Chris talks about what it's like to do live painting gigs
  • Upcoming events and festivals Chris will be at this year
  • "I want everyone to be happy, so let's do that." - Chris Dyer

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Music in this episode: Savant