4.12 - Hitting the Next Level with Nicholas Heilig (@heiligart)

Turning Creation to Vocation

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⦁ How artists can trade skill training with one another to empower both of their careers

⦁ Exploring digital programs to supplement one's graphic design abilities

⦁ Advice for getting into creating album artwork for musicians 

⦁ Creating cultures that value original thought by becoming more self-reliant

⦁ Maintaining healthy levels of doubt and skepticism while retaining an open mind

⦁ Ken Wilbur - Theory of Everything

⦁ Why budding artists should be fearless with experimentation and different mediums

⦁ "Just make stuff that's uniquely you, like crazy, all the time." 

⦁ Taking attention off the corrupt mass media and onto creating healing

⦁ Questioning the increase in youth suicide rates and the rise of heavy pharmaceutical prescriptions 

⦁ Sovereignty & Finding balance between collective co-dependency and personal responsibility

⦁ Seeing through political dialectics

⦁ Heilig's history as a festival hopping live painter 

⦁ Non-local psychic connections and auras

⦁ Link to Twiddles' Tumbledown - http://twiddlemusic.com/tumble-down-2017/ 

⦁ Advice for aspiring live painters from Heilig

⦁ Heilig's end goal of opening a live-in studio space for artists to share skills, tools, collaborate and utilize as a venue

Nicholas Heilig is a festival touring live-painter who has been steadily gaining popularity as he works tirelessly to improve his skills. We talk about finding the balance between the New Age woo-woo and healthy skepticism, advice for budding artists who want to make a career of their creativity, and how to not be duped by the myriad political divisions of the world. Nicholas is a great guy with a grounded but open minded way of viewing the world and I know you'll love this chat!


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Heilig's Juicy Art Market Event on June 1st!




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⦁ Why it matters to be surrounded by people who share a similar purpose to yours

⦁ Utilizing resources that are available to artists through local government grants that some cities provide

⦁ Heilig's story about a butterfly/moth sychronicity at Rootwire Festival and other sychronicities involving insects

⦁ Great contemplations on the nature of infinity the interconnectedness of all life

⦁ Ways to engage the right and left brain simultaneously

⦁ Ideas about how to help and influence your community without sabotaging yourself

⦁ considering what would happen to our national and religious differences if aliens invaded

⦁ Heilig is looking for fellow artists to join him as performers at his upcoming show: "The Juicy Art Market" June 1st - https://www.facebook.com/events/376730212832787/

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Mild West

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