Hakan Hisim | Universal Transmissions From The Undivided Self


Decode The False Light Matrix & Lucefarian Cult of Luxury

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All is self, but this version of the quantum human known as Hakan Hisim seems to go beyond many others, piercing the veils of our world and delivering digital masterpieces of mystical proportions. Join us for Hakan's second trip to the InnerVerse as we discuss how to dispell mind control, overcome addiction demons, and dismantle the technological cult of false-light luxury that has many in this realm hypnotized and demoralized. Get into your heart space with us, and prepare to shift your consciousness from binary and dualistic into trinary and infinite!



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Things We Talked About...

  • The Hyper-Dimensional Cult of Luxury and the False Light Matrix

  • Hypnotic DMT Realm Entities offering shortcuts to Gnosis

  • Difference between Lucefarian and Satanic archetypes 

  • Optic-based entrancement, pornography and feeding the serpent

  • Using the heart to balance polarity, transcending from Binary to Trinary existence

  • The link between the third eye and Sacral Chakra

  • How Hollywood connects to parasitic energy harvesting 

  • Tapping in to the balanced version of the Venus/Lucifer archetype 

  • Defining the negative/controller Archonic forces

  • Getting lost in Tryptamine hyperspace & the potential duality created by relying on plant medicines to ascend 

  • The link between substance abuse and entity attachment

  • Repairing internal/external division with the maxim: All Is Self

  • Seductive Materialism in the mainstream music industry

  • Defining demonic possession in a non-religious context

  • Artificially created duality and the metaphysical divorce of yin from yang

  • The alchemical reason alcohol is called spirits 

  • Esoteric context for our many subconscious contracts

  • Circumcision and seeding trauma for a lifetime of energy harvesting

  • Triggering psychedelic experiences endogenously

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  • How to nullify addiction contracts with negative entities through heart-consciousness

  • Shared experiences with overcoming tobacco abuse

  • Seeing reflections of the infinite Self in the other

  • Hakan explains his Cosmic Egg artwork inspired by out of body and beyond the planet journeys

  • The meaning of the Cosmic Egg in context to ancient wisdom about the structure of our universe – ARTWORK LINK


  • The often misunderstood deep esoteric meaning behind the Flat Earth concept

  • Nested toroidal fields and cosmological Gnosis 

  • Norbz Orb Theory – VIDEO LINK

  • Martin Kenny & the ultimate science of Syncretism – VIDEO LINK

  • Flaws in the NASA sanctioned worldview and explaining cosmic abandonment trauma

  • Interpreting the alchemy idea of As Above So Below to the fullest extent

  • Successfully interrogating super massive cephlapod- type Cthulu beings in the astral ocean beyond earth

  • Crow777 and the “Lunar Wave” phenomenon that seems to demonstrate that the moon is somehow underwater - VIDEO LINK 

  • How the outer and inner planes/planets beyond earth are depicted by the cosmic egg model of the cosmos and what the government and NASA really mean when they say they want to go to Mars

  • Fallen angels & shooting stars, and why there’s duality in humanity