Kenny Palurintano | Voluntary Society, Rainbow Gatherings & Freedom From The State


Free Your Mind And Your Tribe Will Follow

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Today's guest Kenny Palurintano is a real life rainbow warrior, Krishna consciousness artisan of plant based cookery, and Buddha of medicinal food bowls. Join us in the flow of perpetual synchronicity as we groove on freedom and bring more of our rainbow tribe into sovereignty. Freedom is the absence of fear, and in this episode we reveal many of the tricks of the controllers in our social system that can be easily dispelled with the knowledge of Truth.

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We Talked About...

  • The reasons for a society built on loving voluntary participation instead of fear based coercion

  • Demystifying the channeling and how spirit has influenced human evolution forever

  • Rainbow Gathering and group flow states

  • Perpetual synchronicity and Kenny’s 24 Hour Vegan Kitchen

  • Conscious and compassionate conflict resolution

  • How the chakra system and vibration corresponds to the structure of sovereign gatherings like Rainbow

  • The Gift economy, protecting the individual from centralized power structures, and making sure everyone is taken care of globally

  • Dismantling the hierarchy of celebrity and cults of personality

  • How one nullifies contracts and connections to the Federal Government

  • Why the government coercion system doesn’t apply to us unless we comply with it

  • Kenny explains how to get out of a ticket when pulled over without having paperwork

  • The Legal system as a black magic trick of word magic spell craft

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