Heather Elizabeth | The 13 Moon DreamSpell & Syncing Up To Shine


EVOLutionary Times Call For An EVOLutionary Education!

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The White Planetary Wizard known as Heather Elizabeth joins InnerVerse just in time for the Return of The Year in the 13 Moon DreamSpell (aka the Galactic Mayan Calendar). This enthusiastic energizer uplifts the world with ACTivations for the souls she PLUR-ks with (play + PLUR + work). Tune in for a look in the mirror to the depths of your own infinite potential, and learn more about this incredible system of self-knowing she teaches.

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We Talked About

  • Why and How Heather is actually a White Wizard

  • How Heather went from social worker to Light PLUR-ker

  • Getting a past life regression with a psychic as a 13 year old

  • Witnessing spirit while serving as a hospice care giver

  • Death as a transit into the infinite and the meaning of the Matrix of 4

  • The harmonic convergence of 1987, and the new species of humans  

  • Jose Arguelles, The Law of Time and the 13 Moon Dream Spell Calendar of the Galactic Maya

  • Reveling in the sacredness of all creation, the work of art known as eARTh  

  • How Heather used the dreamspell to accurately transmit my soul’s galactic blueprint before we spoke

  • The power of living in natural cyclical time instead of slavery to modern linear time

  • Soul blueprints and your face from before you had a face

  • How in 2019 we are revisiting the energetic frequency of 1967

  • The veil between worlds is coming down and basically gone

  • Decode your galactic signature with The 13:20 Sync App and lawoftime.org/decode 

  • The power of the Codespells to remind ourselves who we are

  • Align with spiritual maturity in Heather’s Shine Wizard Academy launching on 4/12

Only In Plus+ (Tune In!)

  • Awakening to your inner knowledge and wisdom by following your passion pathway

  • Rethinking the learning process and why it’s all about experience more than education

  • Finding galactic kinship with important people in your life corresponding in your DreamSpell blueprints

  • Destiny castles and the 52 year cycle of earth family archetypes

  • 2018 as the Red Cosmic Moon year and how it’s about purification, cleansing and aligning with the divine feminine

  • Learning the art of allowing changes and healing to take place naturally in your life

  • Discovering the Sacred Mysteries by investigating conspiracies

  • The collective consciousness shift towards abundance right now

  • Why the Nipsey Hussle death is a faked ritual

  • The magic at Mt Shasta and galactic synchronization

  • Getting the beam out of our own eye before seeking to remove the speck from our neighbor’s eye

  • Heather’s High Vibe SHINE Tribe – Supporting Humanity In Navigating Evolution 

Wise Words From Heather In This Podcast

  • “Whoever owns your time, owns your mind”

  • “At this point the waking up isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.”

  • “The Shine Wizard Academy is a platform and a sacred space to really step into spiritual maturity, who you truly are, and how you are here to serve the planet.”  

  • “Evolutionary times call for an evolutionary education.”  

Music In This Episode