Aubrey Monk Warren | Yoga For Ravers & Backwoods Festival


Get Flowing With This Festival Fairy Godmother!

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We're joined by Maven of Ravin' and workshop coordinator for Backwoods Music Festival, Aubrey Monk Warren for a chat about bringing the magic of music festivals home to the "real world" so that we can transform our universe from the inside out. We chat about conscious dance, the truth about entheogenic substances, and of course preview the amazing variety of things that Backwoods Music Festival on Mulberry Mountain has to offer its attendees this year.

Backwoods is taking place at Mulberry Mountain in Arkansas on May 31 to June 2. 

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Episode Topics

  • The synchronicity magic of festivals at Mulberry Mountain, Arkansas

  • Why going to camping festivals improves your self-reliance

  • The truth about safe substance use and the festival community

  • Conscious dance as a therapeutic movement modality that has been with us since primal times

  • Evolving past the need for entheogens by strengthening your mind/body/spirit connection

  • Reminiscence about the glory of bygone Wakarusa days

  • Transforming from festival enthusiast to festival producer and workshop teacher

  • Why trip out on bad vibes when you can do Diaphragmatic Breathing and get grounded?

  • How ravers and festie kids are fertile ground for planting seeds of consciousness expansion

  • Sound healing and festivals

  • Preview of workshops at Backwoods including astrology and laughter yoga

  • Achieving psychedelic states of consciousness through breath and body practices instead of substances

  • Reducing stress and promoting health and influencing your genes with breathing and chanting

  • Why yoga is better at festivals 

  • More about Backwoods workshops, from Hula Hooping to examining ancient religions

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  • Advice about using the mind to activate muscles and doing it in a balanced way

  • Why “No Pain No Gain” isn’t a good game plan

  • Transforming your life with awareness of the pelvic floor muscles

  • Getting in tune with your body so you can connect with the Earth’s body

  • Using your reaction to color to gauge your personal chakra health

  • The root chakra epidemic in our culture

  • The connection between the sacral chakra and third eye

  • Learning metaphysical healing practices by playing with selenite crystals

  • How Aubrey joined rave culture and became the Festival Fairy Godmother

  • Kandi bead bracelet magic, PLUR handshakes and breath syncing hugs

  • Getting serious about health so life in a body is more fun 

  • A mystical experience at Bob Marley’s mausoleum 

Music This Episode

Great Things Aubrey Said In This Episode

  • “We plant seeds in people’s consciousness that other ways and paths are possible. If you don’t know another way is there, you never begin the journey.”

  • “I want to empower people who come to festivals with something that they can take home with them, to take the festival home within their being.”

  • “The philosophy of physical yoga is to get the most results in the least amount of effort.”

  • “The more that we get in tune with our own physical bodies, the quicker we will start to pay attention to the entire body, which is the earth. You have to be connected to yourself before you care about clean water.