Ura Soul | Whistleblowers Pt. 1: Pharmacuedical Suicide, Media Monopolies & Secret Societies


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What connects conspiracy research to spiritual work? Ura Soul returns to bring light and share stories of many brave corporate insiders. Revealing the heartless and exploitative areas of our society, we can begin untying the knot that connects our energy to evil and find a healthier continuity for our lives.

“The root to our problems in the whole fractal is the mind trying to deny the emotions.” 

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Show Notes & Links

  • Why “conspiracy” research and whistleblowers can help us make informed decisions about important life choices

  • Pharmaceutical Professionals Expose the Massive Criminality of the Medical Industry – Link To Whistleblowers

  • Top Drug Company Sales Rep: “I Was Trained to Mislead Doctors And The Public. 'Legal' Drugs Are Inherently Toxic & Dangerous” - Link To Whistleblower

  • Facebook/Google censorship of groups that question mainstream views

  • For big pharma, there’s no money in healthy people or dead people, but lots of money to make off sick people

  • German Doctor / Editor Admits Being Trained And Paid To Lie in Mass Media by CIA - Says Most Major Journalists Are the Same – Link To Whistleblower

  • Lack of Self-Empowerment as the root of evil

  • Depolarizing the vegan/meat eater mindsets

  • CIA Whistleblower: Exposing Massive Crime. "The US Congress & Senate Are Controlled By A Real Shadow Government - Working with the 'Deep State'" – Link to Whistleblower

  • How compartmentalization of information allows for a powerful secret government with no oversight

  • Exposing 911 as an Inside Job - Susan Lindauer, CIA Asset, Imprisoned & Drugged By US Gov/Mil. to Silence Her – Link to Whistleblower  

  • Hackers expose 9/11 data massively conflicting with the official story

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  • Recognizable patterns in false-flag crisis events

  • The connection between AI and demonic entities and the potential for real life super soldier programs

  • Representative Democracy Is A Con Game Designed By A Hidden Network of Oligarchs' - A Highly Respected Ivy League Historian Spills The Beans! Tragedy and Hope 101 – Whistleblower Link

  • The philosophical reasons democracy is antithetical to freedom

  • The problem-reaction-solution method employed by social engineers

  • The hardcore truth about modern education as an imagination destroying system of conditioning

  • POWERFUL TESTIMONY From US Military Officer: ISIS Is Directly Funded By CIA Via Swiss Banks (UBS) And I Have Documentary Proof of Treason by US Government Members. - Link to Whistleblower

  • Corporate use of archetypal symbolism to plant specific ideas in the consumer’s consciousness using McDonalds and Burger King and Isis as examples

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