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It's time to walk the walk we've been talking about! Garrett Graham returns to the InnerVerse to inspire us to rise above the old and into our new, optimal selves. This guru of good health is a human encyclopedia of holistic knowledge and synchronized strategies, here to help us balance our mind, body and spirit on our paths as infinite creators. 

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“When we start to move in out of the box ways, we start to think out of the box.” - Garrett Graham

We Talked About

  • Why it’s a good idea to work with a personal trainer or coach

  • Garrett describes his goals for clients in the next half year

  • The Mind/Body/Spirit connection explained

  • Returning to our Soul’s intended destiny and primary timeline

  • Accessing infinite possibilities and extra personal charge

  • Hands On Healing

  • Elements of bodywork, exercise and energy flow in the bodywork

  • The connection between having a healthy body and intelligence

  • High Intensity Interval Training & the Tabata Method

  • Avoiding burn-out and maintaining lifestyle improvements

  • The one thing you can do everyday to make everything else easier or obsolete

  • Getting energy moving in the body to open up the imagination

  • Releasing trauma trapped in the body with stretching and meditative movement

  • Working with nutrition to unlock the body’s ability to heal

  • To eat meat or not to eat meat?

  • Garrett’s upcoming one-on-one 5 month program to maximize your potential

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  • Primal Movement & intuiting exercises from watching animals

  • How meditative movement practices and imagination can unlock energy healing powers

  • The difference between Qi Gong Healing & Reiki

  • Taoist Bioneuroenergetics

  • Working with your own energetic field

  • Visualizing your aura  

  • Strengthening chakras

  • Integrated Energy Therapy aka Healing With The Angels

  • Secret Chinese energy healing techniques passed down through family lineages

  • The ayahuasca shamanism training Garrett undertook in Bolivia

  • Getting demons pulled out of your body by a psychedelic nature goddess

  • The possibility of working with spiritual beings and archangels but also not needing to rely on it

  • Long distance healing practices

  • Shamanic journey-work and taking plant medicines seriously

  • We swapped stories about heroic doses of psilocybin

  • The phenomenon of people from other worlds incarnating as humans known as starseeds

  • A channeled message from Arcturus 

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