Karl Pfieffer & Connor Randall | Hellier, High Strangeness & Spirit Investigations


High Strangeness & A Camera…

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It's time to get weird with paranormal investigators Karl Pfieffer & Connor Randall, producers of the hit new documentary series, Hellier. But hunting ghosts and goblins isn't all these two do, Karl Pfieffer is a brilliant photographer and published novelist, and creative dynamo Connor Randall has a long history with sleuthing spirits, and he also plays drums for group of punks called The Ghoulies. If you love high strangeness then make sure you don't miss this one!

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“The next best place to investigate is where ever you are right now. You can investigate in your own home. If you send the beacon out there, I think the ghosts will come to you. You don’t necessarily have to be in an abandoned prison or an old hotel.” - Connor Randall

Episode Topics 

  • Karl and Connor tell their stories of getting involved with the haunted Stanley Hotel

  • The origins of the Hellier documentary - Hellier.tv 

  • The “Window Area” hypothesis and inter-dimensional rifts

  • Chasing down goblins/aliens/mythical creatures that seem to live in caves

  • Jungian synchronicity storms 

  • Being led along by a mysterious coincidence creating intelligence

  • How Karl and Connor innovated The Estes Method for speaking with spiritual entities

  • Merging technology and intuition to open up to psychic ability

  • What motivates these guys to do paranormal research?

  • The guys recall some of their best physical spirit interactions 

  • How studying paranormal activity can open up latent psychic ability

  • The ongoing relationship with a spirit named Eddie

  • Categories of spirits, ghosts and tulpas (thought forms)

  • Why Supernatural experiences can reduce the fear of death

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  • Familial spirits 

  • Speculations on how spirits create synchronicity to get noticed

  • How imagination ties in to spiritual contact

  • Getting scratched by spirits

  • Contemplating whether paranormal activity is more physical or mental

  • Precautions taken before facing potentially unknown spiritual forces

  • Karl’s spider-sense slash spooky sense and how it feels to detect weird juju

  • The reasons why the Connor and Karl’s Spirit Investigations team were forced to give up their work at the Stanley Hotel

  • Considering whether or not investigators should try to guide ghosts or spirits on to the next world or if it’s even possible to do that

  • The 440 mystery from Spirits of the Stanley revisited 3 years later

  • Psychic Spies and remote viewing

  • A teaser about what to expect with Hellier Season 2

  • Connor and Karl talk about why weirdness inspires them and how to stay grounded while going down the rabbit hole

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