Bradley Philpott | The Fool's Journey: Reiki & How To Be A Shaman


Raise the vibe, heal the tribe!

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Bradley is a self-published author, crystal wielding Reiki Master, and shamanic guide to seeing through the dark sides of life. Tune in to hear about Bradley's book The Fool's Journey: Raise The Vibe - Heal The Tribe and learn about several practical techniques for advancing on your own spiritual journey to the infinite within. 

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Stuff We Talked About...

  • Bradley kicks things off with a shamanic guided visualization for us to try

  • The shaman as one who “sees in the dark”

  • Using a dream journal to reveal your unconscious psychic powers

  • The sacredness of the body

  • What it means to “know thyself”

  • The personal accountability that is required to help clients with Reiki 

  • Following the white rabbit

  • Human Design and the Bradley’s Galactic Soul Blueprint

  • The light body, Merkaba

  • Building the multi-dimensional ascension vehicle

  • How to protect yourself in astral journey situations

  • A lesson from Deer Spirit about conquering the fear demon with love

  • A method for creating a magical circle, or sacred space, to enhance and protect during journey work

  • Constructive advice for new-age spirituals and recovered religious dogmatists 

  • Realizing life has no one-size-fits all narratives

  • Bradley previews his book and its upcoming sequel 

  • Connecting with familiar ancestor guides

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  • Bradley’s journey from southern baptist worship minister to Tarot reading Reiki shaman

  • Accidental Kundalini awakening

  • Out of body experiences

  • The details about what its like to give and receive Reiki healing

  • Detoxing our parasitic side with a love cleanse

  • The art of using crystals with Reiki practice

  • Automatic writing and other ways of contacting Spirit 

  • Power animals and ideas on connecting with and honoring them

  • The shamanic role of psychopomp and the guidance of deceased spirits 

  • Soul alchemy 

  • The ways spirits may be speaking to you through syncronicity

  • Deep advice from Bradley about finding and following joy

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Great Quotes from this show

  • “True grace is letting people be free to be who they are.”

  • “A Shaman is change in motion.”