Madalyn Elizabeth | Ceremonial Cacao & Conscious Intimacy


Love is the solution for fractal planetary evolution

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The Lunar Priestess of Love, Madalyn Elizabeth, returns to the show for a chat about changing the consciousness of the planet by bringing awareness to our relationships. Madalyn also shares an educational explanation of ceremonial cacao (raw chocolate), and how to use this plant medicine to open hearts. Intimacy means "into me I see," so get ready to step through the looking glass into the wonderland of divine love.

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Things we talked about...

  • Grounding Meditation to come into our hearts

  • The massive transmutation process the Earth is going through 

  • Questions about spiritual bypassing of emotional issues

  • Revelations about the rapid reincarnation of people leaving the planet these days

  • Using Cacao (raw chocolate) for spiritual healing and heart opening

  • The difference between social and ceremonial cacao and dosage advice

  • Why chocolate is often a gift between lovers

  • Legends about cacao’s off-world origins

  • Dynamics for maintaining conscious relationships of all types

  • How we actually begin our physical life as eggs in our grandmother’s womb

  • Recognizing ancestor trauma in our own lives

  • “We tend to attract who we are.”

  • Using our relationships to advance the consciousness evolution of the planet

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  • Madalyn reads my numerology and explains the system for figuring it

  • The meaning behind the 7 life path and calculating your personal numerology for the current year

  • The plan to attain personal sovereignty by 2020

  • A breakdown of my Galactic Signature reading via the Law of Time system (White Magnetic Mirror)

  • Check your own galactic soul blueprint at

  • The Mayan 13x20 calendar system based on the moon

  • Madalyn explains my primary soul energy as intuited through the Akashic Record

  • Learning not to be paralyzed by perfectionism

  • Madalyn talks about her musical project, Beyond Duality and infusing songs with the power of cacao

  • And the revealing of which star system my higher self comes from, including an anomaly about my soul’s origin, according to Madalyn’s divination

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