118 - Nancy Byrne | Choices, Consequences & The Call of Spirit


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Nancy Byrne uses her experience with horrific hardships to initiate herself on a path of intuitive healing, writing, speaking and living that helps others learn to trust themselves. Nancy is the author of Choices, a soul-touching memoir that mixes humor and compassion into her intense life story. Join us for a conversation about learning to listen to the still small voice within.

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Notes & Topics

  • Remembering difficult past experiences in order to grow in the present 

  • Changing faulty beliefs that we inherit

  • If you’re remembering something that was repressed, it’s because you’re now strong enough to heal

  • Why even the most unthinkable suffering is still valuable to the soul

  • Stories from working with the police to help people in distress

  • Previews on Nancy’s next book

  • What it’s like to go from a strict Catholic upbringing to intuitive psychic reader

  • Symbolic methods to help one hear the inner still small voice of intuition

  • Empowerment through personal responsibility for our choices and actions

  • Learning the spiritual lessons from injuries and accidents

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  • Miracles while herding kids in hailstorms

  • Signs and Direct Contact from Source in the darkest corner of life’s experience

  • Learning to love your own self for all you’re worth

  • War stories from the rape crisis center 

  • Spiritual protection for the virtuous

  • Getting Reiki from a tree to escape the Lost Woods

  • Becoming best friends with your higher spirit

  • Healing from a judgmental mindset

  • Soul Contracts and pre-birth agreements