119 - Paul Lenda | Creating A Consciousness Shift


It's all one, all connected, and all spirit

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Writer and spiritual activist Paul Lenda joins us to discuss his book, The Creation Of A Consciousness Shift. Join us as we find a healthy definition for spirituality and learn more about the nature of the universal mind we live in, and how to protect and strengthen your delicate biology while you're here.

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This time we talked about...

  • Spirituality defined as the connectivity between all being

  • Consciousness research by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf - LINK 

  • Meditation techniques and inner paths to outer space

  • Ervin László – Science and the Akashic Field

  • Protecting your biology from EMF signals and the vibes of the artificial and fearful

  • Why you might want to start speaking out against the spread of the 5G network

  • Redefining our lives as our own, reclaiming sovereignty

  • The serotonin connection to spirituality

  • Ideas about nutrient supplementing, the 9 essential amino acids & more

  • Visionary art and magical music 

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  • Paul’s December 21st 2012 adventure at the ruins of Chichen Itza

  • Pyramids and ancient structural free energy technologies

  • Reincarnation and mapping higher self source field consciousness

  • Paul describes various personal meditation practices you may benefit from

  • Advice for empaths to not feel drained by the world

  • Learning to create energy “psy-balls” like Goku in Dragonball Z

  • Training yourself to see more of the reality, like aura energy

  • Hyper-dimensional parasites and artificial intelligence 

Opening Music by Wisdom Traders