120 - Pharoh Tahar | Alchemy, Arcadia, and The Human Experience


Transmute the Fear Until Love Is Here

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Wake up and smell the apocalypse, it's the end of the Matrix World as we know it, and we feel fine. Pharoh Tahar is the mind behind the Arcadia Project, a sustainable community building mission with the health of our mind/body/spirit system as its primary concern. 

Join us for a veil-lifting conversation with this extremely bright healer and alchemist, and move through the gates of fear into the kingdom of heaven. 

Links to Pharoh Tahar

The Human Experience LLC 

Healing Alchemists 

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Things We Talked About...

  • What means to be living through the apocalypse (lifting of the veil)

  • Exiting the false society death Matrix by entering unconditional love

  • The Arcadia project’s four directions of sustainable community pillars

  • Strategy for ending centrally controlled currency

  • Gatekeepers of the DMT portal and the fear of being powerless

  • Why your higher self wants you to sing and dance more

  • Tapping into past life learning and knowledge

  • Creating a new lexicon to empower intentions instead of muddle them as language often does

  • Getting out of the pressures created by human time constructs

  • Redemption through Gnosis instead of external saviors

  • 7 Hermetic Laws - https://siimland.com/the-7-hermetic-principles/ 

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  • How Youth Pastor Darryl Garth transformed into Alchemist Pharoh

  • Gnostic awareness and reality transmutation alchemy

  • Serving the higher self instead of the ego

  • The para-psychological research of Dean Radin - Link 

  • Influencing the past present and future with imagination

  • Discussion of the illusory nature of fear

  • Relaxing the schedule and deprogramming from the idea that activity equals productivity

  • Activating the chakras by learning what limits their expression

  • The 5D future and life beyond time

  • The story of how Pharoh realigned my spine when we first met

Intro Music by Wisdom Traders 

Show Music by Nico Luminous